New supplementary study of NRP 70: Technical regulation for the building stock

The photo shows a roof being newly covered

Energy regulations promote energy efficiency and CO2 reduction. The supplementary study examines various approaches for energy regulations and develops these further.

For the transformation of the energy system, the further development of energy regulations in the area of buildings is essential so that new systems, concepts and elements can be realised on a large scale.

The NRP 70 supplementary study “The role of technical regulation in the transformation of the building stock and its integration in the future energy system” under the direction of Kristina Orehounig and Matthias Sulzer therefore examines regulatory measures by means of energy regulations, in particular the model regulations of the cantons in the energy sector (MuKEn).

In the future, the MuKEn will no longer be designed solely for reaching limit values, instead methods will be developed to maximise energy efficiency, CO2 reduction and the production of renewable energies in individual buildings or in entire residential areas. Incentives are being created to push ahead with measures to ensure the corresponding figures go well below the required limits. This requires extensive consideration of all building physics-related and technical aspects affected by the energy regulations.

The supplementary study examines the current situation, identifies future challenges and outlines possible solutions. The focus of the study is on the current model regulations of the cantons in the energy sector (MuKEn2014) and their future development (MuKEn2025). Basically new approaches are sought with the aim of designing the energy regulations and their implementation so they are as simple as they are effective, combined with as much freedom as possible for future solutions.