Key topics

The research projects of NRP 70 are divided into four research areas.

​A total of 84 research projects will be carried out within the scope of NRP 70 over a period of approximately four years. Most of these projects are integrated into 15 joint projects, each of which is dedicated to a common overarching goal. Seven independent individual projects will also be conducted. NRP 70 comprises both high-risk/high-reward research projects at universities as well as innovative R&D projects aimed at substantially improving existing technologies in cooperation with private companies and public authorities.

  • The research projects of NRP 70 can be divided into certain areas that correspond to specific market segments, such as "Building and settlement", "Electricity supply", "Industrial processes", or "Transport and mobility". The supply and demand side will be considered within each segment with different disciplines working together (natural sciences, engineering sciences, architecture and urban development, social sciences, economics, law, political sciences and psychology).
  • Technologies and political measures will be assessed with regard to their sustainability.
  • Close cooperation is envisaged between science and the private sector in view of industrial applications.
  • Some parts of the NRP will be carried out in collaboration with the Commission for Technology and Innovation (CTI). The programme is specifically linked to the Swiss Competence Centers for Energy Research (SCCER) through its topics and personnel.