NRPs 70 and 71: 15 joint projects and 26 single projects launched

At the recommendation of the Steering Committees of NRP 70 and NRP 71, the Swiss National Science Foundation has approved 15 joint projects and 26 single projects addressing complex research questions related to "Energy Strategy 2050". CHF 36 million has been made available to finance the projects.

A total of 84 research projects will be carried out within the scope of NRP 70 "Energy Turnaround" over a period of approximately four years. Most of them are integrated into 15 joint projects, each of which is dedicated to an overarching goal. NRP 70 also comprises seven independent individual projects. Grants worth CHF 30 million have been made available for the projects.

Over the same period, 19 research projects will be conducted within the scope of NRP 71 "Managing Energy Consumption". The projects have been allocated to the thematic modules "Households", "Economy and enterprises", "Transport and mobility" and "Acceptance". CHF 6 million has been made available for these projects.

The projects of both NRPs will address key research questions related to the Confederation's "Energy Strategy 2050" and collaborate with all important energy research institutions in Switzerland. More than 20% of the approved funding has been awarded to universities of applied sciences, who will thus play an important role in the NRPs.

Research work is due to start at the end of 2014.