7th St.Gallen Forum for Management of Renewable Energies

How will this translate into new climate mitigation efforts on the ground, such as investment in renewable energy? This is the focus of this year's St. Gallen Forum for Management of Renewable Energies: RE-Invest 2016.

Start26.05.2016 00:00
End27.05.2016 00:00
VenueUniversity of St.Gallen
Registration deadline26.05.2016

​The global energy transition has gained significant momentum. With 2015 breaking another record as the hottest year ever, awareness for the climate challenge has reached new highs, too. Encouraged by proactive businesses such as the companies collaborating in the RE100 initiative for 100% renewable energy, policymakers in Paris successfully concluded a new climate agreement.

On Saturday afternoon, May 27, the workshop "Winning the Solar Customer – The Power of Aesthetics and Peer Effects for Successful PV Marketing and Sales" will be organized. Based on the University of St. Gallen’s latest research insight into consumer preferences for residential photovoltaics (research project: Active Interfaces), participants will explore the role of social prestige, aesthetics and social norms in PV adoption. Brian F. Keane, an experienced marketing expert and president of SmartPower, will share best practice examples from the United States of how to most effectively leverage the power of peer effects.

The research project "Active Interfaces" is part of the National Research Programme "Energy Turnaround" (NRP 70) of the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF).